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Guide to Vietnam Visa for Children

You are travelling with your children and perhaps you are unsure of whether you need to apply for Vietnam visa for your children or not.

You are travelling with your children and perhaps you are unsure of whether you need to apply for Vietnam visa for your children or not. You may find this information useful for you.



According to rules of the Vietnam Immigration Department, a valid visa is required for all children if their nationalities are not included in the visa exemption list, regardless of their age and procedure for applying for visa for children is the same as that for adults.

If your children have their own passport, they are surely required to pay stamping fee to get their Vietnam visa. However, if they are on the same passport with parent(s) who travel with them, they don’t have to pay for this kind of fee.

You may have two ways to get visa to Vietnam for your children.

Applying online:

First, you will need to access to a website providing visa on arrival service ( is highly recommended for great reviews). Then, you should spend a couple of minute to finish the online visa application form with the exact information as shown in your passport. Then make the payment and receive the visa approval letter after one or two working days. You will pick up full visa for you and your children upon arrival at Vietnam airport.

But please keep in mind that you can only use visa on arrival when you travel to Vietnam by air.

Applying in person:

Alternatively, if you wish, you can come to a local Vietnam Embassy in your place of residence to apply for Vietnam visa. In this case, you are highly recommended to contact the embassy in advance to ask about required documents as well as procedure for visa application so that you do not waste any time for nothing. Normally, you must wait for being approved to have Vietnam visa by the Embassy there. It may take a few working days.




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